These books are a great way to get started learning the principles and techniques that we use to help businesses like yours succeed with social media and online marketing.

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Relationships are the currency of business. Social media may be the new guy (or gal) in town, but many people are not sure how to properly use it to promote their business. This book outlines the principles that will help you better understand what social media is really all about and you can profitably use it to create an advantage over your competition.

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The most common feedback given about “It's Not About You, It's About Bacon! Relationship Marketing In A Social Media World!” is, “This book is awesome, but there is no room to write all the notes I want to take!” The workbook helps you outline ideas and action items specific to your needs and business. This is also used as a supplement to the book being taught in college classes around the country.

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The Bacon System was born out of guiding coaching businesses in the how-to of effectively building a simple and repeatable online marketing system. Many businesses try and fail by dabbling in this and that, but miss out on the complete picture of how it all integrates and works. In this book you will learn about the “Marketing Trifecta” (websites, analytics, and content). Next, we cover how to create great content. Finally, it covers how to effectively distribute it for the greatest impact on your ideal customers.

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Networking happens both in person and online. In this book, there are 101 networking and marketing tips. Topics covered include Networking, Technology, Social Media, Time Management, and Thoughts. These short 50-word immediately actionable tips offer something for almost everyone. Just one simple tip can totally change your perspectives on networking and help you grow your business.

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