Courses and Classes

B2b Interactive Marketing has created a series of short courses that supplement our services, training, and coaching. These are designed to augment and enhance your marketing knowledge and experience.

These courses can be completed online and on demand. They also include checklists and worksheets to help you quickly implement what you learned. Most of these are included with higher level coaching programs or can be purchased separately as individual training programs at very affordable pricing.

B2b Interactive Marketing can also create custom training programs for your company or organization. We also do private webinar training sessions for associations, chambers of commerce, trade groups, networking groups, and individual companies. 

Below we outline our current class offerings.

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Our Current Course Offerings

Google Analytics Secrets

For Small To Mid-Sized Businesses Who Manage Their Own Custom Website(s)

Many businesses have Google Analytics installed on their website, but most seldom review the number and reports. Why is that? People get confused about what the numbers mean and which reports are relevant to them. This class will quickly fix that for you!

This is a nine-part training class with short but very informative videos and worksheets. You will learn a general overview of Google Analytics and each of the five main reporting sections. More importantly, you will learn which stats are important to pay attention to and which aren't relevant to most businesses.

This is a very complete and cost-effective training program that will have you feeling like a Google Analytics expert in literally minutes.

The Productivity Bundle

Great For Any Business Person

Time is money, especially when you trade hours for dollars. You get access to multiple, downloadable and printable PDFs, and short training videos that teach you the principles and tactics of The Productivity Bundle. It’s simple and easy to access and use!

This is not just a time management system, but a series of ideas that you can pick and choose, with concepts and processes to implement in your business.

You will learn how to organize tasks into three main categories: MMA (Money Making Activities), BMA (Business Making Activities), and CMA (Customer Maintenance Activities). More importantly, you will get the most urgent things done FIRST!.

How do we know this works? We use this ourselves every week!