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Website content like blogs, video, and audio are great tools to communicate with your perfect audience, but do your potential clients know how and where to find them? It's almost like you have a bunch of sales letters in envelopes, addressed and stamped, sitting on your desk. What good does that do? Creating great content is only part of the process. You have to get it in the hands of your prospects, clients and past clients. Why? Because it creates top of mind awareness that can lead to new business or referrals.

B2b Interactive Marketing helps you effectively deliver your messages through social media, email and other physical and electronic means.

Many businesses collect email addresses online, through invoicing, and with business cards in person, yet do nothing with them. You have a story, tips, and training that you could be sharing with your audience to build better relationships. What is stopping you from doing that?

We show you how to use your content to drive people back to your website and measure the success of each platform and every message sent. This helps you to create effectively targeted messages to the right audiences at the right time. Want to grow sales? We can “Show You Why and Teach You How!”

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Email Marketing

Having an email list is one thing, but having multiple segmented and targeted emails lists is a much more effective way to communicate.

Where most businesses fall short is: they don't segment lists, the put too much information in one long and not targeted email, they don't email often enough, lack consistency and purpose, and they have no or limited ways to measure the actual success of their efforts.

Chances are that you have multiple audiences and perfect avatars – potential customers, current customers, and past customers. Do you use email the right way? Are you broadcasting the same message to one list (effectively treating all people as one)?

B2b Interactive Marketing can help you set up a highly targeted email system and workflow, better matching your individual audiences' needs and expectations.


You are not just creating content, you are creating assets. These assets can be repurposed in new forms to reach additional audiences where they want to be communicated to. Some people like to read, while others want to listen or watch a video. All your assets can be converted to audio, video, ebooks, reports, case studies, and even print and Kindle books that can be sold on Amazon.

Let B2b Interactive Marketing show you how to make the most of these content assets through repurposing.