Content Marketing

Great For Any Sized Business

Google LOVES content…especially print and video content. 

Content marketing is the process of creating original content like blogs, podcasts, videos, eBooks, articles, and more. Google searches your website and constantly looks for new content. Sites with new and relevant content rise in Google searches, and sites that don't change, drop in rankings.

B2b Interactive Marketing can help you discover the topics your audience is searching for and how to create a marketing calendar that will attract the right clients and customers to help you stay top of mind and increase sales.

Many businesses have the, “If we build it, they will come” attitude, but will they? How many times have you visited a website from someone who passed you a business card? What happens if people are searching for terms or phrases not found on your website?

Building a consistent and effective flow of new visitors to your website takes a well-balanced content marketing strategy.

Our Menu Of Services...

Blogging & Other Written Content

Most B2b businesses don't have the time or bandwidth to create content. That's where B2b Interactive Marketing comes in.

We help you by interviewing your executives and key players to gather knowledge, answer customer questions, and format it into great written content that your audience of current, past and potential customers will love to engage with.

We help you formulate the topics your clients want and need to know about. Then we research, write, format and publish to your website. This becomes a quality content asset that you can use over and over for years on social media, email marketing, eBooks, videos, and more.


eBooks can com in many forms: White papers, Case Studies, or Blog Series combined into a downloadable content asset.

Creating from scratch can be a challenge, That's why we have systematized the process so you can have it created form a series of content assets like blogs, presentations, sales graphics, PDFs, and more.

These assets can be used to gather data of potential customers on your website and social media. Next we can help you segment and target data that can be used throughout the sales process.

B2b Interactive Marketing can either help you create from scratch or utilize and optimize existing content. We have the writers and designers make it look like a million, at a fraction of the cost.

Audio & Video Content

YouTube is the #2 search engine on the internet (and is owned by Google). Facebook or LinkedIn Live is a great way to offer a quick tips video that people watch over and over.

But free does not always mean that your audience will find it or even engage with it?

Creating audio and video is not as difficult as it used to be. You have a production studio in your pocket (your cell phone).

With almost 40 years experience in audio and video production. we have the experience to show you how to use the latest tools and techniques. You can even use audio and video to build new content based on the marketing assets you already created.

B2b Interactive Marketing can help you easily create great new audio and video content. Also, if you prefer, we can help bring the right team on board to help you create and maximize your content and messages.