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Perfect For Small To Mid-Sized Businesses Who Manage Their Own Website

Businesses are always looking for ways to show up #1 on the first page of Google. Some businesses are willing to spend thousands of dollars a month on SEO (search engine optimization) or Google AdWords to achieve that mission. But do you have to?

B2b Interactive Marketing can show you how and help you to outrank your competition.

Google is the #1 search engine, period. Google accounts for 75-80% of all searches being performed each day. That means that Bing, Yahoo, and all the other search engines are clawing away at the remaining 20%. Yet the cost to be number one on those other search engines can be almost the same as Google. Why would you want to pay for that?

How can we help you rank better in Google? We learned how to do it for ourselves first (B2b ranks #1 globally – after paid ads) then educate businesses on how to rank #1 in their industry in their location (ranking nationally or globally is harder, but not impossible).

Did you know that over 90% of cell phones and tablets use Google as their default search engine?

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Google Analytics

Relationship Capital Investment Can Create Greater Interest?For Small To Mid-Sized Business Who Manage Their Own Website

Google Analytics is the most accurate way to measure your website visits and so much more. Would you like to learn:

  • Who is referring traffic to your website?
  • How social media comes into play?
  • What locations (down to the town) people visiting your site are from?
  • Which pages are the most popular on your website?

Many businesses have this FREE tool installed on their website, but almost never check it. Why is that? Because they don't know which metrics really matter and where to find them in a fairly complex system.

B2b Interactive Marketing teaches owners and staff how to properly navigate Google Analytics and how to use it to impact your online sales results. We also offer monthly analysis or personalized coaching sessions with your team for ongoing education and support.

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Google AdWords Campaigns

For Mid-Sized To Fortune 100 Businesses

There are times when it makes sense to use Google AdWords advertising to enhance or supplement your search results. Google ranks searches on your website based on the age of the site, links back to it, and the content that is updated on the site (Content Marketing).

Our Content Marketing system is very effective, but it can take months to see the desired results. Google AdWords advertising can speed up the process and enhance your ability to rank higher organically (not in the ads section).

B2b Interactive Marketing works with businesses like yours (large and small, locally and nationally) to effectively utilize Google ads as part of their successful marketing strategy.

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Google Business
(Maps, Info, & Content Marketing)

#3 in Ulaanbataar, Mongolia

Google is a fairly complex ecosystem that changes almost every day. Google My Business is the foundation that contains Maps, Insights, Brand Pages, which integrates with Google Analytics and your YouTube Channel. Sound complicated? We show you how to claim and own your listings. Other marketing companies may set it up for you (and often maintain control of your information). We help make sure that you can manage and update your own Google properties!

This is also part of the “Secret Sauce” of “The Bacon System” our proprietary and proven online strategy to help you rank higher in searches and get your business found on Google.

B2b Interactive Marketing constantly monitors the changes to Google, and has the experience to set-up or guide you through the process to get control of all your Google properties.

NOTE: Google will NEVER call you about your Google Business Listing. It's a third party company and is widely thought of as a SCAM to get you to pay for something that is free. Companies can lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars trying to reclaim their listings once these scammers get their fangs into you and your business through the Google Business listing. DON'T FALL FOR IT – JUST HANG UP!

How Can We Help You?