How We Do It

B2b Interactive Marketing prides itself on our tagline, “We Show You Why, And Teach You How!” Our goal is to turn your marketing into an investment vs. an expense. Our efforts are centered around helping your business increase sales and make more money.

We do this by focusing on your return on investment. We believe that for every marketing dollar you spend, you should make three back – one to pay for our services, one to pay for your time, and one that you get to earn as profit. Effective marketing is not a spectator sport, it's a participation sport. We hone your message to your ideal clients, with this in mind.

We focus on educating you and your staff on how to develop and execute a marketing strategy that is specific to your business needs. No cookie-cutter plans or processes here. Even if you choose our done-for-you options, we still work directly with you to craft the perfect messages to attract your perfect clients or customers.

This Is How We Do It...

Online Marketing Strategy

Online marketing is often confused with advertising. It is much more like an ecosystem with a series of concurrent activities that culminate in action taken by your prospects and customers. If it all sounds confusing or complicated, we specialize in simplifying the process into an easy to understand and execute system.


Coaching is the process of developing and implementing a plan. We support you and your business to achieve specific professional goals by providing training and guidance. Our unique coaching is NOT what you might get from a “Life” or “Business” coach. We specialize in building an online marketing system specifically to meet your unique business needs, to help you find potential new clients or customers to increase sales.


A mastermind is an in-person meeting with non-competitive business owners that focuses on brainstorming or problem solving. It can be with people inside your industry or a mix of owners from multiple industries. One simple idea or concept can help participants save thousands, or help them expand into new markets to scale and grow.

Boot Camps

Boot camps are half or full day meetings that offer you intensive training on a specific topic like online marketing techniques, social media, LinkedIn for sales and others. These range from an expensive broad-brush overview, to a deep-dive on a specific topic. Boot Camps can be customized to your specific needs, and they are designed to educate business owners, or members of your sales or marketing team.


B2b Interactive Marketing offers many self-paced learning options in the form of online classes. These are designed to augment our other training options. Topics include social media, time management, Google Analytics, and more. You can also choose to bring in a team in the form of group webinars that offer specific detailed training for your business. Webinars can be recorded and password protected so only you and your team will have access to this specialized training.