Marketing Strategy

We Specialize in Business to Business Sales

Business to Business marketing is unique. You want to work with someone who understands your unique market segments, lead generation, sales, and who knows how to maximize your strengths, while filling weakness gaps.

We focus on service and manufacturing businesses who generate between $10-$100 million annually, has a well defined sales team and process, and who really need help understanding the intricacies of online marketing.

B2b Interactive Marketing is here to help you to successfully communicate your messages, to the right audience, at the right time, in the most effective way possible.

Have you ever searched for a solution to your problem, only to be led through a maze or down a rabbit hole of confusion? It's in your best interest NOT to do that to your clients or customers.

We help you activate success in three well defined steps…

  1. Review your current marketing assets and processes – “What's Working? What's Not? and Why?
  2. Develop a plan that you can afford to invest in – “What should you stop doing? What do you need to add to be successful?
  3. Implement, execute, measure the results, and adjust – “Test and measure with a focus on ROI and Increased Sales!

Our integrated approach helps you get the attention of your perfect prospective customers or clients, and helps them get the answers to the questions they are searching for!

“Did you know that the average website visitor spends 2 minutes and views to 2-3 pages on your website? More often than not, the majority of your website traffic is from people or bots who spend less than 10 seconds on it. Do you know how to find, measure and fix that”

6 Main Areas Of Focus

Data Collection

We work with your current CRM and help you to collect data from your website and social media. Then, we help you segment that data to optimize targeted messaging through email marketing, social media posts, audio, video, webinars, print, and more. Segmenting and targeted messaging is of utmost importance in reaching business to business decision makers!

Website Optimization

We help make sure your website is working on all cylinders. Is it answering the questions your customers are asking? Does it have clearly defined calls to action? Are there systems in place to collect leads and user data? Is it up to date on technology? Is there content being added that keeps people coming back? Graphics are important, but quality website content gets read and found on Google and more!

Content Development

Marketing without content is advertising. You to constantly create new information that help your to create awareness, educate your audiences, and keep them wanting more. We help you to become the go-to authority in your market. This can come in the form of Awareness Graphics, Blogs, eBooks, Audio, Video, Webinars, and more.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a lot like social media when done right. It can be laser focused and create measurable engagement and results. It takes segmenting, targeted messaging, consistency, and great writing to get people to open, click and take action. Unlike social media (where you can control if, what and when people see your messages), you own the list and control every aspect of the process. When done the right way, people will look forward to your emails.

Social Media Lead Generation

Social selling, social proof, social media and social networking are all very different topics and techniques, especially for your B2b business. We help you optimize your content assets and get them in front of the eyes and ears of decision makers. We also know how-to make the most of platforms, both as a free content delivery distribution channel, and as a paid advertising option when it makes good business sense.

Relational Selling

Relational selling takes having the right data, in the right hands, at the right time, to connect with current, previous, and future clients. Then you have to have the tools, content, messaging, and training to make the most of every opportunity. We help you define and develop trust techniques, with advance marketing automation and artificial intelligence technologies, to build lasting, quality customer and sales relationships.