You would never run a business without understanding your numbers?

Then why would you do that with your website and online marketing?

Most businesses never look at their Google Analytics (if they even have them installed). The ones that do log-in will maybe review them once a month. My question for you is how often do you look at your financials? I check and update mine weekly. It helps me to sense trends and identify areas of focus (both positive and negative).

Most people who get into the business are social animals by nature, but do they have the financial abilities to manage a business? A great bar owner has both.

– Jon Taffer

Analytics generally show the traffic (visitors that has been to your website. There over 100 different reports that you can view, but only about 10% are really accurate and important to your business.

Our service is designed to help you not only understand what the numbers mean, but off you solid advice about what you could and should do:

  • Capitalize on positive trends
  • Fix or minimize problems

We meet with clients via Zoom monthly or every 2 weeks to analyze, strategize, and monetize, the details in Google Analytics, Google Search Console, (and when applicable) Google Adwords or LinkedIn Advertising.

Yes LinkedIn Ads are the biggest new trend with Business to Business focused advertising. The ROI can be easily tracked through Google trans and sales data.

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