Online Marketing Strategy

There is a BIG difference between strategic marketing and wish marketing. Wish marketing is trying this and that, and wishing it works. Strategic marketing is starting out with a fine-tuned plan that has milestones, measurable goals, and results.

B2b Interactive Marketing specializes in helping your business grow sales through our strategic marketing system. It has been used successfully to help business (up to) double their annual revenues without wasting thousands on paid advertising or SEO plans.

The Three Core Principles Of "The Bacon System"...

The Marketing Trifecta

  1. A Killer Website – Create a website that talks to your customers, not at them!
  2. Google Analytics – Learn to read and interpret data to implement necessary changes.
  3. Content Marketing – Create customer-focused content that leads back to your website

Once that is in place, we help you create content marketing and content delivery plans. This complete system is easy to learn and simple to implement with the right training. B2b Interactive Marketing works with you and your staff to build a customized solution that fits your industry and customers. Our work aligns with your business needs and your budget.

Why Could This Be Important For You?

This system is based on time and customer-tested principles. We believe that marketing should never be an expense. Instead, it's an investment in your business. Our Value Proposition is that when you spend $1, you should make $3 back – $1 for our services, $1 for your time (successful marketing is a participation sport), and $1 in profit or more.

Take a look at your current marketing programs. For every $1,000 you spend are you getting $3,000 back? If not, then why are you wasting money? Branding may be a goal, but it rarely shows ROI!

Finally, this system is not right for every business. We evaluate whether it can be successful for you and your business before we start (results vary). If not, we will recommend an alternative option, or refer you to a trusted supplier that may be a better fit for your needs.