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“Brian Basilico is the REAL DEAL, folks! I've known him personally for quite a while now and have worked more closely with him on a professional level for the past couple of years. What I love about Brian the most is he has cracked the code of utilizing social media and content marketing to deliver traffic and sales,

In addition to that, he not only wants to share those secrets with you, but also wants to teach you to do what he does so you can be successful long term! I can honestly tell you that he cares about your business, your customer, and your growth and that comes across in so many ways. I feel more connected than ever with my customers and potential customers.

I see traffic to our website double and even triple what it used to be, and on top that, in just one session alone he was able to save my company money by making simple changes that equated to so much more than the cost of his class. I am a very happy customer and I wholeheartedly recommend Brian Basilico.

Message him NOW and get ready to see your company grow and open up to your customers in so many ways! Lastly, and most importantly, always remember… It's not about you, it's about BACON!!!”

Carlos Rogers-Lopez – Owner at Rampnow LLC

“Brian is a marketing rock star in my world! He made sense of relational marketing for us and helped us extend our reputation, relationships and reach into the digital world. He does what he says he will do. He helps us keep our focus on what is important – good content and relationships. He set up our websites and got us started with blogging, and we now generate 6000+ visits per month on one of our local websites! I get dozens of offers from online directories, marketers, and SEO companies every week, and I am confident deleting every one of them because Brian takes care of us.”

Kevin Drendel – Drendel and Jansons Law


“Brian is a B2B specialist–this is a very important distinction. There are lots of B2C people out there who think it's all the same. It's not.

He has been extremely effective in helping me optimize my company's website and integrating social media to produce traffic and leads. It's all about results, and Brian delivers.

Furthermore, he has been willing to work within the budget constrains of my new business, which, thanks to his help, is increasing.
If you're not afraid of being successful, work with Brian Basillico.”

John Nachtrieb – Barcode-Test, LLC


“Working with Brian on my new site and separate landing page has been the most outstanding experience I have ever had building a site. Brian is collaborative, informative, and responsive. The landing page was done practically overnight and the main site design is going very smoothly; none of the usual stress and hassles. Another unique quality in Brian is that he teaches and coaches along the way; I'm learning a lot about content, social media, and marketing funnels. Hands down, I recommend Brian for website development, relationship marketing, and as a speaker. My experiences with him in all 3 arenas has been excellent. Thank you Brian!”

Marla Tabaka – Business Success Coach and Inc. Online Author


“After hiring Brian to work with me on our company sites, I realized how much we didn't know. He blew me away with how fast and easily he got us back on track. The best part? We are truly getting searched and found on Google. Love that! Thank you Brian!”

Todd Pierson – Pierson Studios – Photographer/Videographer 


“I hired Brian to create an integrated marketing strategy for my business; from redesigning my website, to coordinating my internet and social networking presence, to all the inter-dependencies therein. He not only did all that – but he taught me how best to manage the integration and how best to leverage my on-line presence overall. I connected with Brian for Integrated Marketing – and I will stick with him because he integrated me into my own business strategy.”

Doreen Petty – Coaching the Boss – HR Consulting


“There is no question, Brian knows his stuff. I used his consulting services for a WordPress project, and his insight helped immensely. Brian’s decades of marketing experience and technology expertise can give your business a boost. I highly recommend him.”

Matt Brennan – Writer/Reporter 


“Brian is a dynamic trainer and coach with a passion for his subject. He engages his audience with a balance of supporting statistics, real life examples and useful “how to” information. I recently attended his boot camp on using social media for your nonprofit organization. He inspired many of us to get beyond our websites and into the world of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It obviously worked, because here I am!”

Carol Alfrey – Conley Outreach Community Services – Non-Profit


“Brian is my “go to guy” when I have social media type questions. Extremely knowledgeable. Very practical. An invaluable resource. I highly recommend his services!”

Jim Rudnicki – Rudnicki Consulting – Business Valuation 


“When I first met Brian, I was impressed with not only his knowledge of web design, but his enthusiastic attitude toward assisting his clients. I have been very pleased with his work and his ethics.”

Sally Rutledge-Ott, ACE 


“Brian has presented several programs for me on the use of web 2.0 capabilities for promoting and growing business. He is an engaging and energetic speaker who is able to explain and demonstrate concepts and their applications, based on his own experience in both marketing and technical web design. He has been extremely well-received by audiences and has been requested as a repeat presenter.”

Ellen Huxtable – Advantage Business Concepts – Business Development


“I have worked with Brian since the “Dark Ages” beginning with radio and audio production, through today when I call on Brian for web and e-commerce solutions. Brian is a bright light in the world of web creative and marketing. Never hesitate to call on Brian for unique and thoughtful ideas.”

Rich Flansburg – 121 Marketing Resources – Business Marketing 


“First and foremost, Brian is a quality individual with the highest integrity. As a professional in his field, Brian is customer focused, results oriented, and extremely skilled. He listens to his clients and offers options for his clients. He always has the best interest of his clients in mind when serving them. I highly recommend him.”

Jim Welter – Former Director, Carpenter's Place Aurora –  Non Profit