The B2b Difference

Most marketing agencies will be able to help you with marketing. Time and again we hear from customers, “We called you because we are not really sure what we are getting for our money?”

Some agencies are good at selling to you, but not as strong at SELLING FOR YOU. That's because, they are good at some aspects of online marketing (website, copywriting, email, social media, AdWords, SEO), but lack the ability to provide you a holistic hands-on approach.

B2b Interactive Marketing has a strong history of integrating tried and true traditional marketing principles (like the ones we HAD TO USE because the internet was not an option) with cutting edge data gathering, marketing automation, artificial intelligence, and digital marketing concepts that produce profitable and measurable results!

There are three key differences that makes us unique…


Strategy – We start with getting to know your business, but more importantly, we help you figure out and target how to find and maintain your most profitable clients.We do this by interviewing you and your core staff to determine your message, methods and current marketing assets.

Then we examine the measurables (like Google Analytics & Search Console, Social Media Accounts, and more), to determine where there may be holes, or something that has gone off track.

Then we help you set a step-by-step plan going forward that you approve and participate in. (Yes… We can only be successful if you are an active participant, but we minimize the time commitment as much as possible).


Flexibility – All of our staff are virtual experts who are the best at what they do. Each specialist is brought in at the right time for your needs. This helps us avoid the hard costs for idle staff, equipment and operational expense.

Each expert is based in the United States and specializes in business-to-business Communication services (writers, graphics, eBooks & catalogs, websites, programmers, email marketing, audio/video, webinars and more). We are in the communication business and have found that overseas options can be cost effective, but often lack the language and culture skills needed to effectively engage B2b customers.

We make the process more cost effective for you by only charging for the experts you need to achieve each objective – when and if we need them.


Integration – Then we pull it all together and integrate a system that includes your website, email marketing, CRM, and more in a way that helps you see measurable results. We capture and help you utilize the data to laser-focus your marketing efforts to the right audience at the right time.

Finally, we help you read and interpret the reports, and can even help train your sales and marketing teams how to optimize and integrate the strategy into your overall business processes.

Welcome to B2b Interactive Marketing!

B2b Interactive Marketing set up our websites and got us started with blogging, and we now generate 6,000+ visits per month on one of our local websites! I get dozens of offers from online directories, marketers, and SEO companies every week. I am confident deleting every one of them because Brian takes care of us.”

Kevin Drendel – Drendel and Jansons Law

A Founder With Almost 40 Years Of Marketing Expertise...


Tired of working with people who are learning on the job? Would you rather work with experts with years of hands-on and real-world experience? Brian has worked both as an entrepreneur (multiple times) and as an employee at large corporations like AT&T and Arthur Andersen.


As an adjunct professor, Brian has taught thousands of students, both live and over the internet. All of the content is custom created to match the audience needs and expectations. Brian's classes include time-tested techniques that are part of a proven system.

Solid Principles

In order to learn internet marketing the right way, you have to invest time to continuously learn the tools, software, and techniques that work for businesses like yours. Let B2b keep up on the changes, and explain the latest online marketing trends that are working for businesses like yours TODAY!

Award Winning Production

We have won numerous awards for our production and education including Best Small Business Website (client), Top Social Media Strategist, and Best Social Media Book (It's Not About You, It's About Bacon!)