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Your website is more than just a collection of pretty pictures and words, it's your 24/7 salesperson. That's a big responsibility.

For example, would you hire a salesperson who only talked about themselves all the time?

Unfortunately, that how many websites are constructed.

B2b Interactive Marketing is here to help you to successfully communicate your messages in the most effective way possible.

Have you ever searched for a solution to your problem, only to be led through a maze or down a rabbit hole of confusion? It's in your best interest NOT to do that to your clients or customers.

Your website has 3 simple jobs…

  1. Show your users empathy and that you understand their need or problem – “Why Am I Here?
  2. Start a conversation about your solution(s) and invite your users to contact you – “What Should I Do?
  3. Make them feel like you are the right solution to solve their need or problem – “Why Should I Do It?

Our integrated approach helps you get the attention of your perfect prospective customers or clients and helps them get the answers to the questions they are searching for!

“Did you know that the average website visitor spends 2 minutes and views 2-3 pages on your website?”

Our Menu Of Services...

Website Design & Development

Building a website is part technology, part psychology, part design, and part persuasion. There are many options at your fingertips to have your website built, but often people or companies deliver only parts of the solution. It all starts with understanding your end goals and understanding your audience and how they consume content.

Ask yourself these questions…

  • Is your current website older than 3 years old? Has your business changed or evolved over that time?
  • Are your marketing messages short, clear, and concise? Are they persuasive, yet believable?
  • Is it super clear to navigate your website in a way that clearly helps your user find answers to their questions?
  • How does your website function on mobile phones and tablets? (often 50% of your visit will come from these devices.)
  • Have you searched Google for your website? What position on what page does it show up?
  • Are you measurably making sales from your website? Are you tracking it?

B2b Interactive Marketing has helped business in various industries produce the right solution for their needs. Our services include a wide variety of websites from simple landing and lead generation pages, to full eCommerce stores. Set up your FREE Consultation call today.

How Can We Help You?

WordPress Website Monitoring and Maintenance

Although this service is reserved for clients where we create or update their WordPress based websites, it's an invaluable service. We help to make sure the core website software and plug-ins are up to date which prevents hacking and downtime.