What We Do

B2b Interactive Marketing is much more than just a website design and development company. Interactive marketing encompasses many aspects of internet, or online marketing, that help you reach and talk directly with your ideal customers (also known as your “Perfect Avatars”). We work with you and your staff to teach our system and techniques so you become self-sufficient. This can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

If you lack the manpower to do this for yourself, we offer done-for-you services through our teams of highly skilled assistants who specialize in the services you need. These assistants provide services like blogging, social media posting and monitoring, email marketing and more.

No matter your needs or budget, B2b Interactive Marketing has the skills, experience, and solutions to help you grow your business through the effective use of online marketing using the latest technology and techniques.

Our Menu of Services...

Marketing Strategy

Marketing should never be just an expense, it should be an investment that has a measurable impact on sales. There is also a BIG difference between marketing to consumers and Business-to-Business. We understand all aspects of marketing, but specialize in data mining, online marketing, and implementation.

Content Marketing

The vast majority of websites lay dormant for years. Google indexes and ranks sites on new and relevant content. If you are not updating your website on a regular basis, you may be missing out on additional visits, and being ranked better on Google without having to pay for ads.

Google Analytics & Google Business

Google Analytics is an essential tool that helps you measure how your website is performing. Server web stats are inaccurate, and are not bench-marked in the same way as Google Analytics. There are many more pieces to this Google Marketing puzzle – Google Business, Google Maps, Google+ and more. We will show you how to maximize each one for your business.


Websites are the home base of your internet presence. Whether you are starting from scratch, or looking to update and get more out of your investment, we work with you and guide you through the process of turning your website into a well-oiled sales and marketing machine.

Social Media

We don't just focus on one social media platform. We help you choose a mix of social media properties that are right for your business. It all starts with understanding where your potential clients are hanging out and interacting. This might include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, or others.

Content Delivery

There are many ways to deliver the content you create: social media, email marketing, aggregating websites, and more. We can help you create and deliver assets that will generate engagement with your customers, and can be repurposed in many new and relevant ways. This can give your business a big competitive edge.

WordPress Website Monitoring and Maintenance

Although this service is reserved for clients where we create or update their WordPress based websites, it's an invaluable service. We help to make sure the core website software and plugins are up to date, which prevents hacking and downtime, saving you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in restoration and recovery fees.