WordPress Website Maintenance

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Keep Your Investments Safe.

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Websites are always under the threat of hacking or simply breaking down by outdated software and plugins. Having had my websites hacked multiple times, I can tell you how much of a pain and how costly it can be for you and your business.

One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to protect your WordPress website is to keep it up to date. That means logging into your admin (back-end) and checking every day that you have the latest version of the WordPress system and the latest versions of the plugins. This simple maintenance is an absolute must – at least once a week.

Here is an article that supports regular updates —>  Click Here

Here I am, just enjoying my weekend and certainly NOT thinking about protecting my website. I receive an email from Brian that my website was under attack and he thwarted the virus!! He protected us and I am so relieved and THANKFUL!

Janis Martin – Just Credit Solutions, LLC


B2b offers you a program that logs in daily and performs 3 critical checks and updates.

  1. Make sure your website system and plugins are up to date.
  2. Remove any spam comments (you have them even if you don't have a blog).
  3. Remove any redundant data (created in pages and posts).

Every day we will make sure your website is cleaned up and up to date, protecting your investment in your website.


We will make sure you have key anti-hacking plugins installed and working.

  1. Wordfence – Anti Hacking and Virus Protection.
  2. Daily monitoring of website activity.

That is a $100 value absolutely free with your first paid month!

Daily WordPress Maintenance

This package includes daily updates that keep your system and plugins up to date. We will also remove any spam comments and unneeded page and post revisions. This helps protect your website from being hacked and helps it to run faster and more smoothly for your visitors and users.

Start Protecting Your Website Today
(100% Money Back Guarantee)

Only $24.97 per Mo.

Annual Special Only $249 per Year

(100% Money Back Guarantee)

Maintenance and Updates (Up to 2 per Month)

This gives you the piece of mind of the above package and includes up to two simple page updates per month. This can be used for changing dates of future programs, changing your home page slides and more. Perfect for the busy business person who wants to keep their website fresh and up to date!

Protection and Up to 2 Updates
(100% Money Back Guarantee)

Only $49.97 per Mo. ($125 value)

Maintenance, Updates & Training (Strategy Call)

Take both of the previous packages and add in updating pages or content once per week, and include a strategy phone call (1/2 hour). You get our most powerful and complete package to keep your website protected from hacking and up to date.

Protection – 1 update per week – Coaching Phone Call
(100% Money Back Guarantee)

Only $149.97 per Mo. ($350 value)

Maintenance, Updates & Google Analytics (Monthly)

Update all plugins and WordPress systems. One hour of minor WordPress updates per month. Google Analytics monitoring, reports, and up to 1/2 hour conference call to review results.

Protection – 1 Hr. Updates Per Month – Google Analytics Reviews & Reports
(100% Money Back Guarantee)

Only $250.00 per Mo. ($500 value)


  1. This is a maintenance program. Although it helps keep your website functioning and helps to prevent hacking, it is not a guarantee that your website won't be hacked. Additional charges may be incurred in restoring your website if a hack occurs.
  2. This program does not include backing up your website. Although most web hosts provide automatic back-ups, this does not guarantee that. Please check with your web hosting service. We will be happy to assist you in automating backups at an additional cost. Please be advised, that this may incur additional charges for services and third-party disk space for backups in some cases.